Brewery today

Perła Lublin Breweries is one of the largest regional beer producers in Poland, and Perla the biggest independent beer brand. The company consists of the production facility located at Kunickiego 106 St and the headquarters of the company’s board situated in the historical brewery in Bernardyńska 15 St in Lublin.

In 2006 Perła Lublin Breweries was one of the first breweries in Poland to receive the ISO 22000 certificate. The reception of the accredited certificate in the Loyd’s Register Quality Assurance company is a formal confirmation of the company’s care for the quality of its products. The new system was a development and an improvement of the HACCP system already functioning in the Brewery since 2002.

In accordance with the quality policy of the company, great care is put in every stage of the production process Recognition for the products offered by Perła Lublin Breweries has grown with the brewery itself, and constant development of the distribution channels and the expansion into new markets are the effects of this growth.