History of Perła Brewery

Brewery no. 2

  • 1844

    The abandoned ruins of the monastery of the Reforming Fathers at 15 Bernardyńska Street attract the attention of Poznan businessman Karol Rudolf Vetter (1810 – 1883. He envisions a brewery on this site, which will one day produce beer appreciated not only in the Lubelski region but also beyond its borders. Led by his intuition, he buys the property for a mere 5000 zł and settles in Lublin for good.

  • After renovations, Mr. Vetter announces the official opening of the brewery. It produces Bavarian-style beer, the brewing of which is based on a new fermenting technology (bottom fermentation). One of its attributes is a durability that allows for easy transport, expanding the market beyond the region’s borders. The brewery, with its twin horse-powered turbines, develops at rapid pace.

  • 1881

    1881 - The demand for beer from the Vetter brewery grows constantly, and the brewery continues to expand and modernize. One of the major changes is the installment of the steam engine, which powers the brewery’s increase in production capacity.

  • Karol Rudolf Vetter - the visionary behind the brewery and the builder of the family fortune - dies. His death is described in the regional newspapers in the following words: “The deceased can serve as the paragon of hard work and determination, qualities rarely found in people. Having come into a large fortune, he has left it to his country and provided workplaces for his countrymen.” He leaves his achievement - the brewery and the distillery - to his sons - August Karol (1847 - 1907) and Juliusz Rudolf (1854 - 1917). Both sons prove to be the worthy followers of their father - they continue his work and invest in the further development of the company.

  • 1892

    The brewery of the Vetter family is the first one in the Lublin region to construct a separate malthouse, where the barley malt production is carried out.

  • 1907 - August Vetter dies. His brother –now the sole proprietor of the brewery, the distillery and the malthouse - cares not only for his father’s property but, as if in his father’s footsteps, involves himself in charity work as well.


Brewery no. 1

  • 1912

    A new brewery is founded on what was then Bychawska street (now called Kunickiego), created by Hersz Jojna Zylber - from one of the wealthiest Lublin families. The factory is called “Browar Parowy Jeleń” (Deer Steam Brewery) which probably referred to the coat of arms of the Lublin guberniya (province). The brewery quickly gains recognition in the region due to its use of the highest quality ingredients in the beer production process, as Lublin region is already then famous for its abundance of hops and barley.

  • The brewery suffers the cruel effects of the war. First the production is halted, and then during World War II the brewery falls into the hands of the occupiers, and the Zylber family is transported to the ghetto. The only one to survive is Zylber’s son, who, after the liberation, takes the name Stefan Jankowski.

  • 1948 1963 1974 1993

    Both breweries - Vetter and Browar Parowy Jeleń - are nationalized by the state. They become a part of the Lubelskie Zakłady Piwowarsko-Słodownicze (Lublin Beer-Brewing-Malting Breweries).

    The company is renamed to Lubelskie Zakłady Chmielarsko-Piwowarskie (Lublin Hop-Brewing Industries).

    Then the company changes its name yet again. This time to Zakłady Piwowarskie w Lublinie (Beer-brewing Industries of Lublin).

    From January 1st it gains the status of a joint stock company.

  • As a result of the dynamic growth of the company all production is moved into the larger, more technologically advanced brewery site on Kunickiego street.

  • 2004

    The company changes its name to the present one - Perła - Browary Lubelskie S.A (Perla -LublinBreweries).

    The Old Brewery by Bernardyńska Street is adapted into an office complex where the Board's headquarters are located.