Production process



Malt is one of the major ingredients in beer production.

malt tank


The appropriately prepared malt is moved to the brewery and the process of beer brewing begins.


mash tan

The fragmented malt is mixed with water and boiled. This is how the mash is created.

filtration tan

Such a malt mash which is a result of mashing is called wort.


It is actually the hops which give Perła beer its unique, unrivaled and precious bitterness.

brew kettle

The next stage is the placement of the wort in the brew kettle where it is boiled with hops.

whirl pooling tank

Then the wort falls into a huge whirl pooling tank, where while it spins the denser solids are forced into a cone in the center, then settle at the bottom and become separated from the hop wort.

wort cooling

The resulting wort must be cooled to a temperature of approx. 12.5 OC …


On the way, in sterile conditions, brewer’s yeast is added.

fermentation tanks

…and then transferred to the fermentation tanks where wort is subjected to the alcohol fermentation process


In the next process the newly made beer is transferred to the conditioning cellar where it slowly ages in the conditioning tanks.


After conditioning the beer is filtered in order to achieve its appropriate polished shine and brilliance. We use diatomaceous earth for that. When leaving the fermentation tanks the beer goes through filtration in standard candle filters.

Realtor tanks

and then the filtrated beer is moved to the distribution tanks. The beer is kept here until it enters the bottling department, where it will finally be enclosed into a bottle, a can or a keg


bottling bottle

bottling canned


Machines called monoblocks are the heart of the distributing unit; such machines are located in unit 2, and each of them has a huge oval shape, into which from one side come empty bottles or cans, and from the other come out bottles or cans filled with a refreshing golden beverage. Monoblock into which come half-liter cans is able to fill 48 thousands of those. Beer distribution in the brewery is a very fast process performed in completely enclosed spaces.

cysterna sodu
kadź zacierowa
kadź filtacyjna
kocioł warzelny
kadź osadowa
chłodzenie brzeczki
tanki fermentacyjne
tanki pośrednicze