Perła Baltic Porter

Perła Porter Bałtycki (Perła Baltic Porter)
Alcohol content: 9.2%

Perła Porter Bałtycki is obtained in bottom fermenting process. Its rich aged taste results from the perfectly estimated length of the conditioning process, which is almost nine months. Deep dark colour and creamy, thick white head distinct the beer from other beverages of this type available on the market. Its aroma is dominated by roasted malts, whereas its unique flavour results from original composition of such aromas as chocolate, caramel, and coffee. Natural sweetness is perfectly balanced with bitterness of two varieties of hops: Lublin and Marynka. Apart from water, yeast, and hop, Perła Porter Bałtycki consists of six different varieties of malt: pale ale, dark caramel, aromatic, pale caramel, and colouring malt.

Perła Porter Bałtycki can be served with dark chocolate, fruit, and desserts, especially the ones that contain pear.

The rich taste of Perła Porter Bałtycki can be enhanced not only by cooling the beverage to 8ᵒ – 12ᵒ C but also serving it in special beer glassware, perfectly in a tulip glass.

Logistic data Perła Porter Bałtycki is distributed nationwide in non-returnable bottles.
  • 330ml non-returnable bottle