Zwierzyniec Pils

Full light beer, Bohemian Pilsener style
alcohol content: 6%

Zwierzyniec Pils is the Bohemian Pilsener beer with a light colour and perfect clarity. As other products of this kind, this beer is obtained as a result of bottom fermenting. The delicate golden colour is complemented by optimal carbonation and creamy white, thick head. The beer has an unenhanced, clean aroma and a well-balanced malt and bitter flavour.

The uniqueness of Zwierzyniec Pils derives from its ingredients and the brewing method. The secret to the rediscovered flavour from the past is the spring water from a water intake in Roztocze district and the three varieties of hop – Lubelski, Marynka and Perle. An additional characteristic feature of Zwierzyniec Pils is currently rarely practised and an exceptional brewing method – double decoction mash. The beginning of the decoction mash method was in a time when wort was brewed slowly.


Logistic data Zwierzyniec Pils is available in the following containers:
  • non-returnable bottle 330 ml