Perła Niepasteryzowana (Non-pasteurized)

Light beer FULL
Alcohol content: 6%

Perła Niepasteryzowana (Non-pasteurized) is a unique beer, proudly referring to the old times and the unforgettable traditions of the Lubelskie region brewing. Its recipe developed to the minutest of details, the brewing process based on the special variety of Pilsen malt, and the hops of the Lubelskie region provide beer lovers with its unrivaled great taste. 
Owing to the unique process of filtration we have eliminated the need for pasteurization and beer conservation. And although as a result of such actions the beer has a shorter expiry date, it is the reason why Perła Niepasteryzowana (Non-pasteurized) does not lose its attributes, retaining its fresh natural character.

Logistic data Perła Niepasteryzowana is available in the following containers:
  • returnable bottle 500 ml
  • non-returnable bottle 500 ml
  • can 500 ml