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Two ventilators from Browar Perła for hospitals in the region

Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A. brewery purchased and donated two high-class hospital ventilators to two healthcare facilities in the region. The first one went to the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Lublin, and the second went to the Independent Public Health Care Complex in Hrubieszów.

– It’s been a year since our Company financed the purchase of a specialist ambulance for the needs of the independent public health care unit in Puławy, which at that time served as a single-name hospital – says Andrzej Rutkowski, CEO of Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A.– Unfortunately, the pandemic is still very serious. More and more infected people require hospitalisation, and the number of critically ill patients who cannot breathe without the help of a ventilator is constantly growing. Since the amount of such equipment is limited, the Management Board of Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A. decided to respond to the needs reported by the healthcare professionals from our region and purchased two ventilators for a total value of nearly 150.000 PLN. We donated one to the largest hospital in our city – the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Lublin at the Kraśnicka alley. The second one was donated to the county hospital in Hrubieszów, i.e. to the county where the number of new COVID-19 infections has been particularly high for many days. Moreover, due to the fact that the needs of both facilities in this area were really urgent, we resigned ourselves from a more ceremonial form of handing over the equipment, for example at the headquarters of Perła. Both devices from the distributor’s warehouse went directly to the hospital wards. Thanks to this, they could be immediately used to support the breathing of people whose lungs, infected with COVID-19, could not function properly. We opened our hearts to the inhabitants of the Lublin region and gifted the ventilators funded by Browar Perła which will undoubtedly help save many lives – underlines Andrzej Rutkowski.

– In the face of the third wave of COVID-19, when more and more patients are admitted to the hospital, this type of device is extremely needed. The Hamilton-C3 clinical ventilator with a turbine drive received from Perła is equipment designed to ventilate adult and paediatric patients, which automatically adjusts the oxygen needs to changes in the patient’s respiratory capacity – says the doctor Dariusz Gałecki, Director of the Independent Public Healthcare Complex in Hrubieszów. – Especially now, when another wave of infection growth has reached us, people in very severe respiratory condition are being admitted to the hospital. In such cases, it is necessary to support them with specialist equipment, such as a ventilator, as soon as possible. Every patient and every breath that can oxygenate their body counts. Thank you for your support, commitment and selfless help during the pandemic. Thank you for letting us unite in a good cause and influence the maintenance of the high standards of our facility.

A similar message was also expressed by Piotr Matej, Director of the Provincial Specialist Hospital of Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński in Lublin. – We received a top-class Hamilton respirator from the Lublin brewery for the treatment and ventilation of patients diagnosed with pneumonia in the course of the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. In this pandemic, we especially appreciate that Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A., a company known for supporting many initiatives in various aspects of the lives of the inhabitants of Lublin and the Lublin region, noticed the needs of today in the fight for human life and reacted to the needs of our hospital with kindness. We feel appreciated and committed to giving back. Thank you. We know that any help given to doctors during this difficult time is very important. The purchase of ventilators is another initiative of Perła brewery during the pandemic, serving the inhabitants of Lublin and the region. – In addition to the aforementioned financing of an ambulance for the hospital in Puławy, we supported healthcare professionals and volunteers fighting the pandemic as well as honorary blood donors with various initiatives. In addition, twice, before Christmas and last Easter, we helped seniors and people in a difficult financial situation under the care of Caritas of the Archdiocese of Lublin. We also provided significant assistance to the owners of gastronomic premises We also provided significant assistance to the owners of gastronomic premises cooperating with us, returning money for barrels of beer unsold by them as a result of the lockdown – reminded Andrzej Rutkowski, CEO of Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A.

Piotr Matej, Director of the Provincial Specialist Hospital. Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński in Lublin
Dyrektor-Samodzielnego Publicznego Zespolu Opieki