Terms and conditions of visiting Perła Brewery Underground

Perła Brewery Underground visitor rules

ul. Bernardyńska 15, 20-950 Lublin

Visitor Rules

I. Visiting hours

  1. Perła Brewery Underground (further “Brewery Underground”) is open to:
    a) organised groups (10-15 people) subject to individual date/time arrangement and upon prior booking;
    b) individuals: on Saturdays from 12.00 to 16.00 (at full hours, with the last entry at 15.00).
  2. All tours must be accompanied by a Guide employed by the Brewery Underground.
  3. Tours of the Brewery Underground are available year-round, except on public holidays: New Year’s Day (01/01), Three Kings’ Day (06/01), Easter, Corpus Cristi, Day of Assumption (15/08), All Saints’ Day (01/11), Independence Day (11/11), Christmas (25-26/12) and Christmas Eve (24/12), and New Year’s Eve (31/12).
  4. For more information on Brewery Underground tours, go to www.perla.pl/podziemiabrowaru, or call 669 611 981, or send an email to podziemiabrowaru@perla.pl.
  5. Tours can be booked by phone at 669 611 981 and by email to podziemiabrowaru@perla.pl. All bookings need to be confirmed by a Brewery Underground representative, who will send a confirmation message.
  6. The Brewery Underground Manager can change the visit date, and such a change will be communicated on the Brewery’s website: www.perla.pl/podziemiabrowaru/.

II. Admission:

  1. Visitors are admitted to the Brewery Underground after making a buy-a-brick donation and receiving a brick from the Manager.
  2. The bricks can be purchased from the Guide.
  3. The following brick values are available: PLN 10, 20, 50 – to be chosen by the visitors themselves.
  4. For more information on brick values, go to www.perla.pl/podziemiabrowaru/, or call 669 611 981.
  5. The buy-a-brick donations go towards securing and maintaining, and covering the day-to-day expenses of, the Brewery Underground and its surroundings to ensure its preservation, and to raise awareness of and promote its historic and cultural significance.

III. Visiting rules

  1. The Brewery Underground offers tours of the historic space of a former church and monastery complex of the Reforming Fathers, and the Perła Brewery.
  2. All tours of the Brewery Underground are organised in groups accompanied by a Guide.
  3. Due to the location and size of the Brewery Underground, only a limited number of visitors will be admitted at a time. Accordingly, the Brewery Underground reserves the right to refuse entry above the limit of 20 visitors.
  4. Visits to the Brewery Underground must be booked in advance.
  5. If the daily limit of visitors has been reached, the Brewery Underground cannot guarantee entry to groups and individuals who have not booked in advance.
  6. Individuals can visit the Brewery Underground on Saturdays from 12.00 to 16.00 (at full hours, with the last entry at 15.00). The Brewery Underground may ask Individual visitors to join organised groups whose tours start at times set by the Guide.
  7. Minors are only admitted if accompanied by an adult.
  8. Visitors with minors under their care are responsible for the minors’ behaviour, and for any damage caused by them, including damage to exhibits, equipment or other elements in the building.
  9. Visitors can take pictures, shoot videos and touch exhibits in the Brewery Underground.
  10. Visitors must comply with the Guide’s instructions at all times.
  11. Organised groups and individual visitors should arrive to the Brewery Underground at least 15 minutes before the booked time of the tour.
  12. If a visitor or visitor group arrives much later than expected, the Guide can refuse entry or suggest another date or time.
  13. The Manager reserves the right to cancel booked tours at any time without stating a reason.
  14. The Manager reserves the right to close some exhibition rooms or exhibits that have been damaged or broken down.
  15. The Manager may cancel the tour if the life or health of people on the Brewery premises is in danger. In such an event, visitors are entitled to a refund on their buy-a-brick donations.

IV. Prohibited behaviour

  1. In order to provide safety and comfort to visitors, the Brewery Underground forbids to:
    • a) stay on the premises of the Brewery Underground while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs, or behave in a manner that compromises the safety of other visitors or the equipment, or cause public nuisance, or violate generally accepted norms of behaviour in public places;
    • b) take out exhibits or any other objects located in the Brewery Underground;
    • c) move exhibits or any other objects outside the area in which they are displayed; damage equipment;
    • d) bring pets to the Brewery Underground other than guide dogs and assistance dogs for the disabled;
    • e) bring and consume alcohol;
    • f) smoke tobacco;
    • g) bring weapons, explosive materials or any other life- or health-threatening items;
    • h) consume food.
  2. If any of the above behaviours take place, the Manager may deny the offending visitor further stay in the Brewery Underground and remove them from the premises.